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Markie Z Band – Recording and Touring Artists available through markandrew@markandrewgroup.com

The Markie Z Band was founded in 2013, but born a long time ago when the land was in upheaval, unemployment was high and people throughout the world were seeking freedom in many different ways.  As the vision of Mark Andrew Zwartynski (Markie Z), The Markie  Z Band evolved to provide thought provoking truth in communications in all forms.   The music is dedicated to the believers who feel we can break through with peaceful means and truthful information about the world and how it affects men, women and children of all walks in the reality of daily life. 

 The Markie Z Band is based on the foundation of communication through the senses.  Music and film are the foundation of our pursuit and then extending the promotion of our friends and colleagues and their respective art.  To us it is always interesting and inspiring to see the perspective a friend portrays in their artistic endeavor.  It may be a musical bridge in a song, it may be a particular camera angle or it may be the style and grace – or power – of a performance.  One cannot please 100% of the people 100% of the time, but that does not mean it will not germinate a different perspective and maybe even inspiration to take one closer to their own objectives.

 Markie Z is honored to have formed a collection and company of stellar musicians and vocalists in the amazing Tempest Barnes with a 0101140004arange from Billie Holiday to Etta James and everything in between, Chris Borin the Professor, Rodney Bowens the “Genre Buster” multi-instrumentalist, Lawrence “Peebody” Ferrell, Jr., the rock solid foundation of the total artistic endeavor, Stanley Glenn, Producer of Music and Film Extraordinaire with the best left hand of all pianists, Gaika James, the most sought after trombonist and musical arranger, Award Winning singer/songwriter/pianist Mikaela Kahn , Gordon Pope, veteran bassist extraordinaire, multi-instrumentalist, music director, arranger and producer, the unequaled Carl Storie, the singer/songwriter who scored two Billboard Top 40 Hits with one of the most stellar voices in the history of music and the accomplished and entertainingly enigmatic, Dwight Murray, singer/songwriter, composer, arranger, producer, pianist and keyboardist.

 Markie Z is very honored to be in the company of these unbelievably “committed” artists.  Artists of “original expression” coming together to help Markie Z forge the future sounds of The Markie Z Band.

 The live performance is exciting and high energy.  The demographic of material is geared to the 25 to 60+ age group as determined by today’s media segmenting standards.

 The Markie Z Band, collectively and individually, are available for all music projects, television special events, films, original composition, scoring, underscoring, screenwriting, recording sessions, musical arranging, producing, live performances, music supervision for television and films and all things business and creative for music and film.

 Contact: Charlie Julie Anne HarperChances Now Entertainment 

                cnetalent@gmail.com  –  806.632.3897 – 214.448.1606