James Dixon

Head Engineer

Jimmy James purchased first acoustic guitar at the age of 15.   A Suzuki dreadnaught.  Well truth be told, he got it at a reduced price and it smelled like smoke on the inside. Most importantly, he could tune it and it would stay in tune.  It sounded pretty good.  People ask him, “A Suzuki?”  He smiles and says,  “ All I know is that it never rolled over on me” with a hearty laugh!

In the early 80’s Jimmy james was working with Fayette Manufacturing in Clearfield, PA as a seriously acknowledged pioneer in the newly emerging wind power industry. He built and installed wind power generators at many locations on the east coast of the United States. One is in the historical district on Nantucket Island, another at a location along the Delaware river in southern New Jersey, one at a location outside a prison in northwest Pennsylvania and one at Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania where legend has it that he saw Punxsutawney Phil’s shadow.   About a year later he became involved with the installation of the first wind farm located in the Altamont Pass in northern California located east of Oakland.  There he installed the first fully operational wind farm.  His first installation and order was for 20 machines.   Now, there are a countless number of machines installed in that area.

After his experience in the wind industry, Jimmy James went back to New Jersey and began building large boats and ships.   At this same time he started working with the “Show Down Band” running sound and also learning many great southern rock songs. He looks back fondly at those times.

Later on Jimmy James moved to Dallas, Texas to help his father with the family business as well as attending DeVry University studying electronics.  He is now placing a lot of time on music again.  He continues to learn new tricks on the guitar and is taking vocal lessons. 

Jimmy James is a partner in ’44 Uprising Productions & Records and Head Engineer for the Markie Z Band.  He oversees all technical operations and functions as Head Engineer in the recording studio, all broadcasts and webcasts as well as live performances.