Michael De Maglie

Michael De MaglieStudio Engineer

Micheal De Maglie was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Michael moved to central New Jersey and worked as an electrician for approximately eight years. All the while, from a very young age, he was a music aficionado. Michael grew up listening to a lot of old music with his parents, especially Italian music with his father. “Every time I went on a car ride with him he would always play these old Italian songs with big reverb on vocals,” stated, De Maglie. “I didn’t know what that sound was till years later and that’s what got me interested in music.” “All the effects intrigued me,” said De Maglie. A freelance producer and engineer, Michael has worked at the top studios on the East Coast and travels all over to record and mix. Michael has been producing and engineering music full time for five years now. He has worked with many top acts from across the country as he brings a unique and creative talent to the technical side of recording engineering which is very difficult to master.