Gaika James

MarkieZBand_Gaika_JamesTrombone and Piano

Gaika James is a musical virtuoso born in one of the musical capitals of the world, New Orleans, Louisiana.  He began studying trombone as his main instrument at the age of 12 while living in Oklahoma.

Gaika, as well as an accomplished trombonist, is a master of music theory. 

Gaika’s career took off quickly as he came in demand by many high level recording artists.  He has toured and recorded with Toby Keith and Kirk Franklin.  He has recorded on Gospel artist Fred Hammond’s 2012 release, “God, Love and Romance” and on Cas Haley’s self-titled debut album “Cas Haley.”

Gaika’s trombone is the bulwark of The Markie Z Band horn section.  His smooth lines and jazz infused leads put the soul into the music.

Gaika is a Director of ’44 Uprising Productions and Records, the home of The Markie Z Band, Carl Storie Band, Rodney Bowens’ Genre Busters, Tempest Barnes, Mikaela Kahn and The Christian Brooks Band.

As a Director of the Uprising Productions and Records family, Gaika functions as an arranger, producer, artist & repertoire developer and business development.