Carl Storie



Born in Tennessee and raised in Indiana, Carl first came to national prominence as a young lad writing and singing the Billboard Top 40 Hit “Maybe the Rain Will Fall” with The Chosen Few for RCA Records.  The recording was one of the last sessions to be conducted at the world famous Chess Studios in Chicago, IL.

Carl and The Chosen Few went on to be signed by GSF Records and issued an album under the name Limousine in 1972.  Distribution of the LP commenced but was quickly pulled out of the supply chain creating a cult record collector’s much sought after LP.  “Raise Your Voice,” a well written song with a great funk beat gained attention of the people who were able to obtain and/or hear the album.  The reason for the release and recall came about due to a transaction whereby GSF Records sold its management and publishing interest of the LP and the band to the very controversial producer, singer/songwriter Terry Knight of Grand Funk Railroad and Bloodrock fame of which he garnered an unprecedented eight gold albums. 

Knight took the master tapes and remixed the songs to his liking and proceeded to begin the hype of the band that briefly held the name Limousine into “Faith” with the release of the same (but re-mixed) album distributed by GSF.  The album created much controversy as the music industry did not take kindly to the hype produced by Knight.  Carl and the band went on to discontinue their relationship with Terry Knight (as did Grand Funk Railroad and Bloodrock previously) and carried on leaving New York to regroup in the Indianapolis, IN metropolitan area. 

 The regroup became a very good working success overseen by the late great concert promoter Joe Halderman owner of Sunshine Promotions in Indianapolis, IN.  Halderman was aided by the band’s drummer/brother, Terry Barnes and a very well respected Indianapolis businessman. 

 Expanding the name from Faith to “The Faith Band,” Carl and the group recorded four albums:

  • 1976’s “Excuse Me…I Just Cut an Album;”
  • 1977’s “Rock’n Romance;”
  • 1978’s “Face to Face;” and,
  • 1979’s “Vital Signs.”

1977’s “Rock’n Romance” album produced, again another song penned by Carl Storie, the hit single “Dancin’ Shoes.”   Nigel Olsson, at that time the drummer for Elton John, fancied the tune and released it on Bang Records.  Quickly reacting to the chart rising success of the Olsson version, Mercury Records increased the promotional effort behind The Faith Band’s version causing both songs to battle it out on the Billboard Charts at the same time by two different artists.  Olsson won the race with his version rising to Number 18 while The Faith Band version peaked at Number 54 however, forever placing Carl Storie in the books of musical history as the author of the words and music to “Dancin’ Shoes.”

Carl moved to LA in the mid 80’s and worked the club scene which led to a recording contract, a move to London and the release of the Riva Records’ self-titled album “Blinding Tears.”  This was a collaboration with his longtime bass player, band mate, Gold and Platinum Record award winning songwriter, Mark Cawley.

After returning from London back to Indiana, Carl has fronted his own band, “The Carl Storie Band” which still performs today.

Carl has lent a strong helping hand to artists such as John Cougar Mellencamp, Mellencamp’s former guitarist, Larry Crane, solo recording artist Henry Lee Summer with who he formed and fronted “The Alligator Brothers” and many, many other internationally known artists.

Carl’s voice can be heard on the very first commercial recording promoting the launch of McDonald’s Corporation Breakfast Series, including the  “Egg McMuffin” and the “Sausage Biscuit.”

Carl is a Director of ’44 Uprising Productions and Records, the home of The Markie Z Band, Carl Storie Band, Rodney Bowens’ Genre Busters, Gordon Pope Band, Tempest Barnes, Mikaela Kahn and The Christian Brooks Band.

Carl functions as Singer/Songwriter, Producer, Artist and Repertoire Development and Talent Booking Operations in the ’44 Uprising Productions and Records Family.  As well as being a singer/songwriter/harmonica player with “The Markie Z Band.”

Carl is a devoted husband and father.  He feels he has been extremely blessed and supports many charities and charity events.  Nonetheless, Carl concentrates much of his efforts dedicated to helping children.   Currently, Carl divides his time between family, charity events, songwriting, his work at ’44 Uprising Productions and performing live with Faith Legacy, The Carl Storie Band and The Markie Z Band.