Band Members

The Band

The Markie Z Band.  How does one introduce an aggregation of amazingly talented artists assembled into a collection of amalgamated musical influences to produce tightly knit, straight to the heart recordings and stand up, buckjumping, hand waving exciting performances? 

Perhaps the true answer to the aforementioned question is they are a group of individuals collectively searching for personal freedom.  Personal freedom only articulated by each individual describing their search in their own words.  The consistent word found throughout each individual’s discourse community on their quest for freedom being “words and music.”

The other consistent theme found is the importance of producing words and music for the audience.  The creativity of the content is purposed by the motivation of entertaining the audience.  The band’s credo: “The audience is the most important reason for the creation and performance of the words and music.”

True that!

The music is influenced by many genres and a plethora of preceding artists that blazed trails to help create paths and directions for this band.  Help, each individual “helps” people, society, family and friends.  The following people strive to help each other with the hope of providing the audience with a recording or performance that will fill them with exhilaration, fun and a smile on their face.