There are so many talented artists in our world today and probably the universe.  My feeling is that in terms of percentages of population and geographic influence there probably is not that much difference between “today” and past generations.  History books insist Johann Sebastian Bach invented “Musical Grammar” and instituted the math of note by note, line by line, riding note over riding note, etc.  Prior to that period in the 1800’s, people were creating sounds and assembled them into short “stories,” if you will, or drum chants to create happiness and exhilaration, or strike fear while approaching a different band of people for battle, as examples.  Anthems have been written for each collectivized group with the purpose of rallying toward a common cause, purpose, identification, or acceptance.

Art and music is a never ending evolvement of creativity spurred by “all” individuals of varying musical, artistic, written or vocal ability, as well as those who do not create but participate by viewing, listening, feeling, et al.  Some music, poetry, written word and art is appreciated and some people “just don’t like that ‘kinda’ stuff.”  That is the beauty of art and music (and all other forms).  Art and music provide a person with the opportunity to express one’s self and for those exposed to that particular piece to accept, reject or appreciate it for what it is or for what the particular creator was attempting to accomplish.

That freedom allows all people to express themselves with their art, or to remark upon another’s.  Life should afford all people the opportunity to pursue expression and to do so in the manner in which they choose, short of violence (which is a separate topic and one that must incorporate expert psychology).  One can express themselves privately and by simple demeanor and behavior through their interaction with people.  Or, one can compete to sing arias or ballads for global recognition.  Whether there is a narcissistic component to any form of expression it is this author’s belief to let the people that want to make that judgment to do so.  And by so saying, therein lies the freedom to choose an expression or non-expression to make a point.

Freedom is the key.  Oppression is the enemy.  The ability to choose a stand, create a song, paint a portrait, compose computer generated graphics and animations, invent new technology, take a photograph, produce a film, write a blog, article or book, work toward athletic prowess, study and research intellectual theory and prove hypotheses, and the ability to have an opinion on all those forms of expression, or not to and keep the opinion to one’s self is freedom.

There are many talented people out there today, many.

Markie Z

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Last Modified: August 2, 2017

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